Carp summer Fishing 2018

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As is my Summer time custom I resort to chasing Carp in the warmer summer months. This is usually my only occasion for Coarse fishing at this time of year.

Now, I usually start later in the summer, about August, but this year we decided to start our carp fishing in July. A small group met at Willinghurst one hot day in mid-July, and we proceeded to fish the large lake down in the valley.

Well, we all managed contact with fish at some point during the session, some managed to net fish.

We decided to repeat the process again in August, almost one month later. A similar group again met at Willinghurst and fished the same lake. And again, most of us managed to net some fish, although the fish were becoming more difficult to tempt.

Our last session came in mid-September, when the fish were definitely cagey in their dog-biscuit frenzy.

A  couple of like-minded carp fly-fishers were avidly feeding a shoal of carp down the far end of the lake and the fish tended to stay down there, taking a while before progressing up the lake. Fortunately, they did manage to travel up to us and we eventually made contact.

However, some aspects were apparent from our visits:

·       The carp have become wise to artificial dog-biscuit imitations

·       A new type of fly/bait is required, planned for next year

·       They can apparently detect surface lying nylon, turning away from baits at the last minute

·       Unless the artificial bait closely resembles the natural biscuit, it is likely to be ignored

·       Merely chucking out dog biscuits underarm is most likely to attract hungry ducks

·       Regular small dose feeding to keep carp interested is required

·       Do not ignore the margins as surface baits end up here and the carp follow the windborne bait

Just for the record, in the last few casts, I managed to hook and with some expert netting from a good friend, land a large carp (15lb Common!). Best fish all year.