Fishing and weather

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You might have noticed that the weather has been rather hot recently. This may be good for most people and occasionally the garden, but for fishermen/fisherwomen it ain't necessarily good news! For a start, the fish do not like excessive heat as they become sluggish and do not want to feed when the water temperature exceeds a certain temperature (I am uncertain exactly what the cut-off is, it may vary dependant upon other factors). I don't lke excessive temperatures either! I am talking trout here, as they are primarily a cold water species after all. 

However, it is not all bad news, as soon I will return to my annual visit to my local Carp fishery and try for them. I have recently been busy tying deer hair flies for the visit and will report back after that.

In the meanwhile, we can just hope for some rain and fresh water for the lakes, rivers and gardens