New Year and new beginnings- Update

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The start of a new year inevitably brings with it an intention to change things and plan to do things differently to what has gone before. Some make resolutions and try to follow them through, but I suspect many are forgotten once normal life restarts.

As I read through my fishing diary from last year I notice the number of Blanks that I had and which flies that made contact, but did not result in netted fish. So, maybe a time to take note of what nearly worked and a resolve to re-stock those patterns that either disappeared with the fish or lost in a tree.

The trouble is the lack of time.

  • I have been tying flies for a few months to re-stock boxes for the forthcoming season and am part way through the list of patterns that were planned - ongoing
  • I plan to enter my usual Fly Tying competition that finishes just before the start of the new season (fortunately!). I usually start tying entries in the last months - a deadline helps to improve concentration! just about to start
  • I have several repairs to rods and related fishing equipment that need adressing. Part of the problem is the repair of a piece of equipment instrumental in rod ringing- Rod repairs completed
  • I have been reading too many articles on 'must have' patterns that I would like to tie, as they help me re-visit my early fly tying career - leave for another time
  • The BFFI may only be less than two months away, but I am planning my shopping list already and the questions that need to be asked - excellent Fair as usual
  • And normal life keeps re-appearing with new responsibilities and further travel......more travel next month

Happy New year!

Now looking forward to warmer weather and start of new season