Season closing

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My trout season essentially closed at the end of October. I had planned to carry on into the winter. but other matters put an end to that!

So, I have been at my tying bench for a few weeks and will be again in the New Year. I am currently tying patterns that I will use in the Spring months, mainly black nymphs of varied patterns.

I also have some repairs to do to some rods, re-ringing etc. Unfortunately, the revolving tying caddy, that I use to assist rod wrapping has broken, so I will have to try and mend the switch.

I also plan to increase the range of Salmon fly brooches next year, these will mainly be Traditional patterns, that appear to be popular with customers. The more esoteric and bespoke patterns only have a limited appeal, probably to the original customers for whom they were tied.

I intend to produce some of the previous patterns that are currently 'Out of stock' as I suspect they are not readily available elsewhere.