Fishing in summer (Part 1)

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OK, if you are lucky enough to go fishing in this warm and changeable summer weather, be prepared for frustration!

I was out fishing at my Club water today and whilst the weather was conducive to trout fishing, the fish were not obliging as they should have been. OK, we are chasing a quarry that offers us exciting sport, but to the fish, this is really a matter of life and death, especially if all fish must be retained. But in a Sporting fishery (Catch and Release) are fish aware that they may be released to feed and fight again?

Probably not and until we can converse direct with fish, we will never know.

I spent approximately three hours this morning without so much as a touch, despite fish rising in the near vicinity. Later in the afternoon, my luck did change slightly, when I hooked a very lively RT under the oak tree, but it appeared to be lightly hooked and left by itself. Well, I now know what it was likely to be feeding on, even if no actual samples were available from its stomach.

Later I was fishing from a vantage point over the reeds and casting almost direct to fish that I could see in the water. Several fish were just milling about in the cooler water near an inflow, but did not appear to be actively feeding. Suddenly two or three fish appeared in the area and one moved forward towards my fly and hooked itself (briefly!). It was a fast motion repeat of the earlier incident, a few splashes and nearly buried itself in the weed, but the escape was the same.

Ah well, summer rolls on and I have more ammunition for future trips and flies to try next time (hopefully next week!) Gardening this weekend....