New Year and New fishing

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It's all over! The cake (well not quite!), the pudding, the wrapping and opening and all the other related bits to Christmas.

Now it is time to start planning for the next season, which is not that long away.

I am fortunate to be able to fish running water in the summer and winter and stillwater through the normal trout season. Consequently, I am tying flies all year round.

However, due to a slight problem last Spring, my river fishing was almost completely written off but trout fishing (stillwater) compensated adequately.

As I am currently suffering my second cold of the winter, I am not planning any visits to the river (for Pike and Perch) any time soon. But I will be busy at the tying bench as I am producing a traditional pattern with a modern twist for an existing Customer and it is the Competition season, which is currently occupying my mind. I also have a few new patterns, or materials that I want to play around with, so that will keep me occupied over the next few months until I can finalise my fishing for this season.

Good luck to anyone else doing the same.....!