Salmon Fly brooches

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The production of the popular Salmon Fly brooches, is now ongoing. However, due to other non-fishing factors, most brooches may not be available until later this month, or early November - still plenty of time for Christmas delivery!

I tie most of my brooches on gold coloured 1/0 size (Veniard) pins. Unlike conventional flies, Salmon fly patterns usually have three applications of varnish on the tying thread at the eye (head). Each application will take up to 24 hours to dry.  So, it will take approximately 72 hours from first application until the brooch is ready for sale. Hence the delay in availability.

I will have the usual range of patterns available and also plan to increase the range with trout fly and sea-trout fly patterns. There may be some other variations of patterns that have been previously successful.

If you have a particular favourite pattern in mind, please contact me in the first instance. If I have suitable materials, and a description of the pattern, I will do my best to accommodate your request, but please bear in mind that when I am in full production mode, diverting off to tie a 'special' may attract a higher price or delay in production.