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I have recently completed some new Salmon fly brooches, some are variations of existing patterns (e.g. Garry and Blue Charm) and one is entirely new. I am awaiting new photographs before adding to the lists. New stock is being planned for Christmas and will be available later in October.

These beautiful salmon fly brooches handtied by John, make lovely gifts, for both Ladies and Gentlemen, and can be worn as Fashion jewellery, scarf, tie or hat-pins. Most gold coloured are Gold plated on brass. Some brooches are Black and are Nickel plated with a central pin. Please note that these latter can make a larger than normal hole in clothing, so may not be ideal for delicate fabrics. The Gold brooches are C-Clasp fitting and the pin is approximately 2cm long. This gives an idea as to the thickness of material that is suitable if the brooch is to be worn as a clasp for a scarf, or tie. The brooch can be used to pin two sides of a tie together (as in conventional tie-pins), similarly for scarves to secure two wraps.

All brooches, irrespective of the colour of the head, are always finished with at least three coats of varnish - this is the same as for most Salmon flies. This ensures longevity of the tie-ing and a smooth head.

You might see other brooches for sale elsewhere, where the head is not finished to the same degree. I take a certain pride in all my fly dressings and I want to ensure that the pattern is finished to a satisfactory quality.

If you are in doubt as to the suitability of these brooches as fittings for scarves etc. please do not hesitate to contact me.

Salmon fly brooches are available, including Traditional, variations of Traditionals and bespoke patterns.

There are other patterns shown that are not Salmon flies - one being the Claret and Mallard, that is a Traditional Trout and Sea-trout pattern. Others are planned later.

I do take commissions for special occasions. Please contact me if you wish to buy several brooches of the same type - these do not necessarily have to be traditional patterns. I have recently completed a set for a Family occasion of a pattern to the Customer's requirement. 

ALL brooches are contained in Gift boxes (clear lidded plastic), with the name on the reverse and sent 1st Class.

New for 2017: A short history of the Traditional pattern is included inside the box. A short introduction to Salmon flies in general is included with Fashion variants.

Despite availability showing as 1 or 2 brooches, I do have more in stock, so if you require multiples of the same pattern, please contact me first. Postage can usually be combined for small bulk purchases (2-3 brooches /pkt).

You might see my brooches for sale elsewhere, but my prices are usually more competitive on this site.

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