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Welcome to Alexander's Fly Fishing where we sell only high quality trout flies many tied here in the UK by John from Challenge FliesMost of the fishing flies on sale in our shop are designed to catch trout, but you will also find grayling flies, perch, chub, carp and pike flies.

One speciality from Challenge Flies, are the beautiful Salmon Fly brooches. These make ideal presents at any time of the year!

Please Note: Postage is built into all the selections, including brooches. All Salmon fly brooches are sent 1st class, so there is no requirement to add this to the order. However, all other selections are sent 2nd class, but can be upgraded to 1st with an extra £1. As postage is due to increase in late MARCH 2018, I intend to keep postage costs at current prices for the next few months, but as with most items these days, some prices will inevitably rise in the future.

I am actively tying flies for the new Trout season, due to start in a few months time. I plan to have a selection of flies suitable for small still-water fisheries, and this selection will be available in April.

In the meanwhile, I plan to have some old favourites and new flies suitable for cold weather fishing, for the hardy fishers who are still fishing. As for me, I intend to stay inside and tie flies!


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